Hi, I'm Faizaan

I am

What I do


I, like most American minors, go to school. Apart from academics, I am involved in a few volunteer organizations, clubs, and the National Honor Society.


I create websites and web applications, desktop programs, and mobile applications in my spare time; all of which are found on my GitHub page.


When I need to relax, or when I'm particularly motivated, I like to write about random things. These works of insanity are found on my Quora and Medium.

Personal Projects

Prison, one of my earlier projects, is a Minecraft Bukkit plug-in that enables players to mine blocks, sell them, and buy their way to freedom.

An upcoming chat library to provide a streamlined API for localization, rich chat displays, and even in-game buttons. It will be released this summer.

An advanced, paid chat plugin for the Bukkit platform that will provide chat channels, per-player filtering, rich chat parsing, and advanced logging features. It will be released this summer.

Want to work together?

Together, we can build amazing things. I charge low prices and produce high quality work, and I am currently looking for a project. If you're interested, send me an email.

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My History

  • Humble Beginnings

    Year 2009

    It all started on a cool Fall day. I, fresh into third grade, decided to waste some time on YouTube when I stumbled upon a simple HTML tutorial. And like that, I was hooked.

  • Project Drozone

    Year 2012

    Like any other child, I was into video games. What made me different is that I decided to make my own. Drozone was my first big project - a 2D sidescroller.

  • Minecraft Prison

    Year 2014

    After a while, I started getting more interested in the game Minecraft. I created a game plug-in that added more mechanics and lore to the game - Prison - and boy, did it take off, with tens of thousands of downloads.

  • Problematic

    Year 2015

    For the PA Middle School Computer Fair of 2015, my friends and I created a video game to help kids learn math. Problematic won first place in the state, and we plan to bring it to the app store in later 2018.

  • Today


    That brings me here. I've started numerous projects: from an app that intelligently schedules your work sessions, to an app that helps members of the religious community with their daily practices. I'm excited to be building amazing things for amazing people.